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Vision Related Learning Problems

"We are a community of eye doctors, trainers, parents, teachers and educators committed to enhancing vision and learning by removing barriers to success through the use of scientifically proven techniques and regimens."


Dr. Leah Ramos-Swatts

Dr. Ramos-Swatts is the Founder and Lead Visioneer Doctor.  She established Eastern Virginia Eye Associates in 2003 and has enjoyed providing medical and routine eye care to the Hampton Roads area.  She is excited to get back to her roots and concentrate on her passion of educating and providing vision training services to our community.  

Dr. Amber Teten

Dr. Teten is a Lead Visioneer Doctor and focuses on pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Eye Associates, PC.  Dr. Teten has a passion for vision training and vision development with extensive experience in treating binocular vision issues such as amblyopia, strabismus and convergence insufficiency.  She also evaluates and manages post-TBI, concussion and stroke rehabilitation.

Dr. Shane Swatts

Dr. Swatts is COO and Lead Sports Vision Doctor at Visioneer.  Having worked with the National Football League and professional sports teams abroad, Dr. Swatts understands the critical decisions that players and coaches must make on a daily basis.  Dr. Swatts does individual athlete evaluations, coaching consults and team training.  For more information go to www.visioneersports.com

"We are passionate about vision and learning"

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