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Our trainers are available to discuss any questions you may have.  You can also chat LIVE with us below!  Check out the Predictive Questionnaire for a simple assessment to determine if you or your child may be a candidate for Visioneer Optineural Training.  Our FAQ section is filled with information about the Visioneer Program.   




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Frequently asked questions

What role do the doctors play in Visioneer?

Visioneer is doctor-driven - meaning that a Visioneer doctor is involved in every aspect of a student's training. Our developmental Optometrists diagnose and subsequently design an individualized training program for each student, as no two student's needs are the same.

Is Visioneer only for kids/teens?

The techniques and techology behind Visioneer create new neural connections and "fill-in" gaps in development that may have occured as a child's brain was developing. Sometimes, these "gaps" can be caused by traumatic brain injury, concussions, lack of blood flow to parts of the brain (i.e. stroke), as well as non-pathologic conditions such as developmental delays, learning issues or visual fatigue. In any case, Visioneer works to strengthen the brain-eye connections and helps to coordinate the delicate muscles controlling eye movements. Visioneer can also help those with a "lazy eye" to improve visual acuity and depth perception. It has been established by neuroscience that the brain can change at any age, not just when you are a child!

How long does a Visioneer Program last?

The length of the Visioneer Program varies depending on the individual's diagnosis, severity of the diagnosis and commitment to the program. A typical Visioneer program will last anywhere from 6-12 months. Progress evaluations will be periodically performed to assess a student's progress and will be communicated with you so you are informed of every step in this journey.

How quickly will I notice changes?

This depends on each individual, what issues we are addressing, and the commitment to the program. In general, it may be as soon as 8-10 sessions that positive changes are noted for milder conditions. The changes may range from no complaints about homework to better grades at school to making the school's baseball team! Everyone will have different goals and with hard work and dedication, Visioneer will move you closer to those dreams!

How much does Visioneer cost?

First of all, we are 100% committed to changing lives with Visioneer. We also want to make sure you are a great candidate for Visioneer so that is why the FREE screening is so important. Each screening is individualized to identify any concerns which may need to be addressed. The investment in Visioneer will vary depending on the doctor's recommendation, but is comparable to an orthodontic treatment or other long term health program.

Does insurance cover Visioneer?

Visioneer does not participate with any insurance companies at this time. Most medical insurances exclude Optometric Vision Therapy much in the same way they exclude Orthodoctics. We realize this may be a significant investment in yourself or your child's future and we have partnered with Care Credit to assist you with any financial concerns. If you choose to pursue insurance reimbursement on your own, we will be happy to provide you with any assistance we can.

Do I have to come to a Visioneer location?

Visioneer has two convenient locations in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. As we expand, we will keep you updated on our growth!

My child has never had an eye exam, how do I know if they would benefit from Visioneer?

A comprehensive eye examination is recommended to ensure your child's eye health. We recommend a full examination by a developmental optometrist to determine the need for a prescription and dilation to check your child's eye health. From there, your doctor may recommend a Visioneer Screening based on his or her findings.


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