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5 Signs of a Functional Vision Problem

Headaches? Problems with coordination? Feeling “off”? Vision problems could be the culprit. Learn how functional vision issues could be affecting your life.

Some of life’s most basic activities require a complex range of dynamic vision skills that an eye chart cannot measure alone! So, what is Functional Vision? Learn more below.

Your two eyes and brain must all work together to navigate the world. It’s this connection that makes up your functional vision. A standard eye exam, however, only checks your eyes’ physical health and ability to focus on stationary objects — it doesn’t measure critical dynamic vision skills such as eye movement and coordination.

Some of life’s most basic activities rely on your eyes, eye muscles and brain working together: driving a car, reading a book, playing a sport and simply maintaining your balance. This is what’s known has functional vision.

Signs that you may have a functional vision problem include:

Difficulty concentrating

Rereading or skipping lines of print

Short attention span

Poor reading comprehension

Poor coordination or balance

Slow completion of work

Previous brain trauma (concussions, strokes)

Loss of interest in reading

Frequent headaches

Thankfully, we now have the ability to quickly (and non-invasively) measure Functional Vision! A more comprehensive vision exam using advanced, state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology. The RightEye system enables our doctors to pinpoint functional vision and brain health issues, identify the root cause of reading problems, and improve athletic performance.

In just 10 minutes, this proven, patented technology measures visual skills in ways that a standard eye exam cannot — enabling us to diagnose and treat underlying vision issues that affect our patients’ quality of life.

Contact us today to learn more about this breakthrough technology. Visioneer Optineural Training Center is the only place in Hampton Roads where this life-changing technology is available.

Now for the good news! If a functional vision problem is uncovered, there are options for addressing and improving your functional vision.

A non-invasive, 10-minute test could diagnose an underlying functional vision problem — and set you on a path that could truly change your quality of life.

Call our office today to schedule a RightEye Functional Vision EyeQ test: 757-436-EYES

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