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A Mother's Journey Through Visioneer Optineural Training . . .

Updated: May 24, 2019

It's simple for us to be excited about Visioneer and the impact it has on our students and their families because we see the results everyday. But for someone who has a child that is struggling, it can be confusing and difficult to know where to turn. Below is a mother discussing her personal experience having her son go through the Visioneer Program - and the difficult road to get there.

"It started in kindergarten. He couldn't remember sight words and he couldn't write sight words. And when he would write anything, it would be all over the paper. And he couldn't remember anything that he had read beforehand, and it was one line sentences. So we had spoken with the reading specialist at school, she told us that he was fine, he was just on the slower end. And when I asked her to look at his handwriting as well she immediately suggested occupation therapy." "So we started occupational therapy, and he was far behind in motor skills, fine motor and gross motor, he had a little bit of a speech impediment as well. We did speech therapy, and everything was 100% corrected, except for when he would have to track lines while reading." "The occupational therapist that day suggested we get his eyes checked. 20/20 vision, no problem! We continued on with the occupational therapy, and it still wasn't getting any better. It was really frustrating, because number one you automatically think it's your fault that you didn't see this sooner, you feel like you can't help them because it's not your eyes, it's their eyes. . . you can't fix the problem, they have to fix it. And school in general was not very helpful, because they kept telling me that he had an attention problem. And there was no attention problem, the problem was that his eyes got so tired and so quickly that it was frustrating. And when you're a six, seven year old you don't continue pursuing and striving, you quit and you go and do things that you want to do. So it was mentally exhausting. It was physically exhausting sitting there for hours on end doing homework and not getting any results." "We did all of the behavioral assessments, and they came back negative. So we were really at our wit's end, we didn't know where to go from there. They wanted us to do medication. I'm a firm believer of biofeedback and behavioral therapy before I'm going to give my child medication, so we tried that, and that improved a little bit, but not until we started Vision Training did everything fall into place." "I had no idea anything about Vision Training," or Visioneer. "I thought that if you had a vision problem you got glasses and it got corrected. If you had a lazy eye you had got surgery. I had no idea anything about Vision Training, it was completely brand new to me and I'm in the medical field, and I didn't know nothing about it."

"The word I use all the time when it comes to Vision Training is "life became easier." Everything became easier. Homework was done quicker, there were less arguments between the two of us of getting it done, I wasn't as frustrated, I had finally calmed down. My whole well-being got better, because I wasn't so worried about my son's vision and education." "I was surprised that they told me it was not a quick fix. A lot of times you come into these types of therapies or training's, and, "We'll fix you 100%, we'll get it done, it's no problem." And that was not how they came to me. They said, "What you put in is what you're going to get out of it. So it's going to be hard work, it's going to be hard work on your son, it's going to be hard work on you, but we will provide 100% cooperation and work ethic into it." And that was the surprising part, was that they had told me right up front, "This isn't going to be easy, but we're going to get your son where needs to be."

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