Vision Doesn't Always Come Naturally

Eyesight is Only 1 of 17 Components of Vision

That Are Essential to Learning.


The Vision and Learning Screening gathers a significant amount of information in a short time frame.  Using breakthrough neuro-eye tracking technology, we measure, record and evaluate reading skills and functional vision abilities.  The screening is non-invasive, simple and the results are presented in an easy-to-read graphic chart.  If concerns are uncovered, the next step is a Visioneer Evaluation.  


The Visioneer Evaluation dives even deeper into any concerns uncovered during the screening.  Sensorimotor and perceptual evaluations provide insight into developmental gaps, current level of function, grade level equivalents and more.  All findings are discussed with parents and, together with the student, we design an individualized plan for vision and optineural training.  


This is where the fun begins!  Students come into the office for a workout with our Visioneer trainers, using techniques from simple building blocks to sophisticated virtual reality.  Each phase of training is designed to engage and stimulate the student's mind-eye connections, creating new neural connections.  The workouts are fun, engaging and each student will be exposed to new visual skills that expand his/her current reality.  


Learn more about the Visioneer journey, from both parents and children, who have experienced the transformations that can occur through becoming a Visioneer.

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